Navigating Foreign (Event) Waters

It was our pleasure here at Magic to work with Caliber Home Loans for their annual President’s Circle event this year.  While we’ve done several productions for them already, this was the first time to help them an event of this size.


Meeting in the Bahamas

Besides getting to work with the great Caliber folks, we were certainly excited to once again do a show at the Atlantis Hotel and ResortAs nice as it is to be in the lovely Bahamas, putting together several days of an event there for several hundred folks is a challenge indeed.  We started as we always like to do with a site visit along with a key member of Caliber’s meetings team.

This initial trip was so critical in lining out exactly where our different events would be and coordinating with the property on the best way to navigate.  The team at Atlantis was absolutely top notch.


As soon as the option to “just drive it there” goes away, getting the gear needed for projection, screens, lighting, and everything else needed for an elaborate awards program.  Reaching out to many of the industry relationships we have, we found a great AV provider on the island with years of experience and a lot of talent.  We brought them in to work with the Magic team to put on a great show.







We look forward to next year and once again working with the incredible marketing folks and meetings team to pull off another eventful trip.

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