Hey y’all! My name is Allie and I’ve been an intern with Magic Production Group since January of this year. In the few months that I’ve been working with the team, my skill set has grown exponentially and the amount of valuable learning experiences that I’ve had here can’t be numbered. I wanted to write this blog post to describe my experience with the company, and to say a bit of a goodbye since this is one of my last days! *tears*

So I actually have a friend who had this internship before me, so she gave Massoum and Bridgette a recommendation for me. Because of this, I skipped over the interview process and instead got to come run a camera for a client shoot on my very first day of work! I think that this is very telling of the entire intern period here at Magic-even from the first day, I was made to feel like a valuable asset to the team, and was able to do real, hands-on work, instead of going on coffee runs or cleaning up around the office (although I do that sometimes if I see a need for it!).

On a daily basis, I help out with the social media posts (a lot of the Instagram stories that you see are from me!) and assist Bridgette and our editor Chelsea with whatever they need, like finding stock footage, sorting assets to make them easier to find, and setting up the studio for upcoming shoots. Some of the more exciting activities I’ve done have been buying a new Macbook for the office (got to pick space grey-ohhhhh yes), fixing a busted tripod all by myself (including buying a super specific screwdriver to do it-I’m quite the handywoman now), and running a shoot all by myself, from the studio setup to the camera work.

About once every two weeks we have a shoot in our on-location studios that I get to help out with. When these are happening, I run the teleprompter, post about it on our Instagram stories, or set up the craft services for the cast and crew for their lunch break. These days are super exciting, because we’re creating something awesome for another company, and I get to watch that come to life firsthand!

I think that my time with Magic will definitely help me find (and keep!) a career in my field, because being in a professional environment and actually making mistakes and learning from them is the best way to grow your knowledge in any subject. I learned what professionals expect out of young people entering the field, and what behavior and dress is appropriate. These are things professors and books can try to teach you, but you never really have a complete understanding until you’re out in the world doing it!

I have access to a ton of beneficial resources here, like the full Adobe Creative Cloud, so I’ve gained a better understanding of Premiere and Photoshop, and even a little bit of After Effects! I’m also able to utilize our different studios, including an audio recording studio, to learn about how they operate and to become more familiar with the equipment in them. The most invaluable resources I have from this internship, however, are the connections I’ve made with the people here, who have helped spark my passion for working in the media arts field and may even help me land a perfect job someday.

Thank you, Magic Production Group, for making learning exciting and for giving me an outstanding semester full of creativity, and fun! If you’re a student in search of an internship, I can’t recommend this one highly enough. The team here has become like a family to me, and has been welcomed me since day one. I’ve learned all about the production process, and how to succeed in the media arts field. And if you’re a client looking for a company to produce content for you, Magic Production Group is the one to beat!

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