Great Words for Freelancers

  This is a good reminder for all of us in business – whether running a company or working as a freelancer, we all have to do a bit of selling ourselves. This video is from the site  It’s a great site dedicated to the implementation of ideas.  I hope you find it useful.…

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The Importance of Being Global

When anyone talks about business these days, it’s usually a given that it’s on an international level.  Whether it’s their potential customer base, their suppliers, their manufacturers or all of the above, somewhere along the way businesses large and small are interacting with much more of the world. As a company that serves these businesses,…

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Your Next Event – Engaging Your Audience

It’s what every event professional wants.  It’s why you bring hundreds or even thousands of people within your organization together under one roof.  Sure, there’s business to take care of.  But how do you make that business fun?  How do you increase retention of what you’re trying to convey?  You engage.  Whether it’s a high-energy…

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